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Sometimes called the Key to the Gulf, the Spanish-speaking Republic of Cuba lies at the north western end of the Caribbean.  It is home to 11 million people.  Though politically communist, the


Cuba is a long, narrow island, shaped somewhat like a crocodile.  It is situated in the westernmost part of the insular Caribbean, at the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico.  Cuba is the largest island in the West Indies and provides a home to over 11 million people.
Cuba has more than 300 natural beaches of fine white sand and crystal clear waters.  Inland are three mountain ranges, two long regions of savanna and numerous beautiful valleys, rivers and waterfalls.  In rural areas, lush natural settings make for spectacular scenery and migratory routes for bird life can be seen in the countryside.  Rural life confers its own unique characteristics on the Cuban countryside.
Politically, the Republic of Cuba is communist.  Cuba is composed of 14 provinces, 169 municipalities and the Special Municipality of the Isle of Youth.  The National Assembly of the Popular Power is elected by direct voting every five years.
Although historically an insular country, Cuba has recently opened itself up to tourism and is becoming a popular “offbeat” destination.
Cuba has provided a melting pot for different ways, cultures and traditions.  Its people remain attached to their traditions and customs, which are well represented in Cuba's many museums.  Over time, however, these cultural roots have coalesced to create a country of happy, noble and hospitable people waiting for your visit.
Information and photograph courtesy of the Cuban Tourism Portal.  For more detail on the country, this is a great place to start.
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country has recently opened itself up to tourism and is becoming a popular “offbeat” destination.
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